Dannii Minogue and Kris Smith Fight for Their Relationship

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Danni Minogue and long-term boyfriend Kris Smith are desperately trying to save their relationship. After a short and mutually agreed separation, they are eager to try to get their relationship back on track for the sake of their son.

Relationships are already hard. With celebrity status, busy schedules that keep you apart, and a 10-month-old son, there is no question about why their relationship ended up on some thin ice.

Kris has recently flown to Melbourne to talk to Dannii Minogue about their relationship and try to salvage what they can. After three years together, there is no doubt that they truly love one another. Their son, Ethan, will definitely help motivate them to make sure things do work out for the best.

Dannii and Kris both quote: “Thanks for your concern. We’re happy to be back at home in Melbourne as a family,” and, “We are committed to our relationship and Ethan as always.”

Hopefully, all it takes is spending more time together as a family to rekindle their romance.

What do you think? Can they make it work?

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