Dannii Minogue Begs to Dress Kate Middleton!

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Dannii Minogue has one dream as a fashion designer. Her goal right here, right now is to dress one of the most influential people in the world of fashion. Dannii wants to dress Kate Middleton.

It isn’t enough for Dannii Minogue (along with friend Tabitha Somerset Webb) to have her designs worn by the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa Middleton. No, she wants the big time. Either way, it is exposure for her brand, Project D. Still having Kate in one of her dresses would go a long way to having an instant hit.

One thing is sure; Dannii is not waiting around for Pippa to tell her sister about one of her favorite designers. Nope, Minogue has taken to the press, basically begging for the opportunity to design Kate a dress:

There’s probably not a brand in town that wouldn’t want to dress Kate Middleton. She’s an iconic, gorgeous girl and if she ever chose to wear Project D, we would be incredibly flattered.

Of course, Dannii Minogue will be flattered. She will also sell a lot of dresses if they look good on Catherine. See, pretty much anything that Middleton touches these days turns to gold.

Perhaps Dannii can figure out Kate Middleton’s size and send her a couple for gifts in hopes that she will wear them. Talk about cheap advertising if she does put them on for the cameras.

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