Danny DeVito Cheated on Rhea Perlman

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Danny DeVito reportedly cheated on wife Rhea Perlman with a movie extra, promising to make a star out of the young woman. This likely contributed in some small way to the couple’s split after 30 years of marriage, even though this happened at least a decade ago. It does shed light on the life the couple led.

According to a report from RadarOnline, a former film crew member recalls DeVito romancing a young blonde woman—an extra on the set of Hoffa.

“It was kind of pathetic because she was very young and beautiful and obviously just having sex with him in hopes that he’d make her a star,” the source says. “Danny would have his limo driver drive them all over the city and they’d canoodle in the back before going back to his room together.”

Danny DeVito The source says she felt bad for Rhea Perlman as did everyone else on the set. It’s uncertain whether she knew about the affair.

“Danny can be quite the flirt and because of his powerful status in Hollywood, he’s not ashamed to abuse his position and chat up young, aspiring women looking to make it in the industry,” another source says.

No offense to Danny DeVito, but he’s not exactly a looker. If a young, pretty blonde had an affair with him, it was no doubt to further her career, which shows he was a con-man as well as a player.

Do you think Rhea Perlman knew about such dalliances? In cases like this one, there usually are more than one incident in a person’s cheating past.

Might this particular instance—over a decade ago—helped lead the two to the point of dissolving their marriage?

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