Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman Divorce: Did He Cheat?!

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When news of Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman’s 30-year marriage was coming to an end, fans of the two actors were both shocked and saddened. Many asked what went wrong between DeVito and Perlman.

Leave it to RadarOnline to “exclusively” come-up with (read: invent) a reason for the three-decade marriage to fall apart. It was Danny’s wandering eye.

Yep, a source close to the tabloid claims that the 67-year-old comedian was a bit too flirty with the ladies, bordering on inappropriate.

“He may not appear to be a ladies’ man, but Danny certainly gets a lot of female attention,” claims the source. “Danny can be quite the flirt… Danny’s actually quite the womanizer… if he sees an attractive girl in a coffee shop or walking down the street, he will give her the eye.”

RadarOnline goes on to claim that this was a long-time coming and that Danny DeVito has been ogling other women for more than a decade.

Look, one can’t blame the tabloid for trying to find a reason or and excuse for DeVito and Perlman’s split, but can’t the two just be left alone. Divorce is hard enough without a bunch of rumor and innuendo being spread around by the rumor mill.

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