Danny DeVito’s Image Issues: He Refuses To Look At Himself in The Mirror!

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Danny DeVito does not like his reflection. In fact, The “Matilda,” star says that he refuses to look in the mirror because he ends up over-analyzing his looks, especially his facial hair.

“I took all the mirrors in my house down, because I would always ask myself if I have to shave or not,” he states. “Sometimes I stay like this for three, four days, till I am overgrown, so I can’t see anything anymore.”

Even though DeVito has his issues with certain aspects of his looks, surprisingly enough, his height is not one of them. The actor is known for being the “little” guy in Hollywood. However, despite his 5ft frame, DeVito insists that his height does not bother him, according to ShowBiz Spy.

“I always played the 1m 52cm meter-character, from Penguin in Batman to Twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger,” the 65-year-old actor says. “Whatever, I was always that tall. But I don’t have a problem with my height.”

DeVito has made an extremely successful career out of his height, and he continues to be one of Hollywood’s funniest actors. It is good to see him back in the news; even it is for something as seemingly harmless as facial hair. Hopefully, DeVito will be entertaining audiences for years to come, facial hair or not.

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