Dan’s “seafood ” Salad

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I got to the farmer’s market just after it opened yesterday morning, and as I browsed the tables I saw this:


Looks like crabmeat, doesn’t it?  Surprise!  It’s a combination of fresh woodland mushrooms:  lion’s mane ( or bear claw), oyster, and chicken of the woods.



Here’s the chicken of the woods ( not to be confused with hen of the woods):

Dan the Mushroom man had “chicken tenders” to taste – slices of chicken of the woods mushroom sauteed in grapeseed oil – and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the mushroom tender and the chicken tender I’d just had for breakfast.


Here, Dan’s showing me the bear claw ( or lion’s mane) mushroom – I’ve had this before and it’s mild and delicious.


While I love fresh mushrooms, I leave the foraging to the experts – so don’t even dream of eating the mushrooms you find in the woods unless you really, really know your mushrooms!


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