dar al America Threatened by Mohammadan, Anarchist Immigration

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U.S. immigration policy was never intended to subvert the security interests of the people of the United States. Permitting Muslim immigrants to the United States does so undermine the security of the nation. It should be stopped.

Early in the 20th century there was a large number of immigrants from Eastern Europe. U.S. policy in recognition of the potential for anarchism and communism from groups from that area in that time halted the flow. Today the flow of Muslims should be halted, for they are of a religion uniquely established to generate a significant number of terrorists as a percent of their population. The terrorists seek to establish a sedition-a dar al Islam or realm of Islam, in whatever nation they occupy.

An immigration policy predominantly set today to accord with the que sera sera outlook of the Democratic Party and Republican globalists is perhaps terminally misguided in believing that the charisma of a secular, amoral material prosperity from the United States will fundamentally transform the Muslims of the world brought into the American secular anti-umma of immorality into becoming tolerant of homosexuality, abortion, federal deficits, pervasive perversity and non-clerical rule, and they are wrong.

Admitting more Muslims to the United States will bring in more terrorists and increase the disestablishment of the comparative peace and advance in human right that has grown in the United States as a Christian nation the past 240 years often at great cost. The que sera sera Democratic political outlook of blind faith in existential material production sources in non-local global economic structures will lead the many of the women of the United States back in to a discipline they lack and perhaps secretly desire under Shri’a.

There is no reason for the people of the United States to be tolerant of a violent religion that is politically sedition. Shri’a is sedulous in America and the que sera sera portion of the populace that phenomenally photograph themselves skydiving without a parachute simply do not understand the consequences of bad political judgment. There are no other major world religions with a comparable element of political motivated violent conquest.

The basic elements of the dar al America are not consistent with a dar al Islam. Democrats and other symps of sedition reinforce Mohammedan force build up for a dar al Harb, or harbor of war of conquest in the humma (the United States with a good economy and ecological recovery policy without foreign terrorism). The New York port authority was drawn into the dar al Harb by the 9-11 terrorists and forces to construct a vast axis of evil mosque near ground zero. The Humma is threatened and waning. To restore the dar al America ti a condition of full employment and no public debt, innovative thinking and the stop of illegal aliens and Muhammadans to the dar al America must need occur.

-NOTE In Arabic ‘dar’ means ‘place’. It also is used to mean ‘house’ in the Hanafi muslim school of legal jurisprudence (see then wikipedia article link).


The morpheme ‘al’ in Arabic is a language particle fixed to a noun making it a definate article. Al Qa’eda thus means ‘the base’. Dar al Harb (or Dar al Garb) means the non-muslim areas.

The House or Place of America is a term I made up to serve in distinction to the Muslim criterion.


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