Dare devil lies down between two buildings on a high wire with no net

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At one point earlier today, Nik Wallenda (the great grandson of circus great Karl Wallenda) literally did a lay down on a cable strung between the two buildings the daredevil was walking between in the name of Circus Sarasota, set to debut next week.
Teetering some 200 feet high in the air in downtown Sarasota, the high-wire performer took to 600 feet of wire situated 200 feet above ground on a cable stretched from One Watergate to The Ritz-Carlton.
Carrying a pole for balance, the extreme sportsman not only took a break by lying down along the way, but he also did some kneeling too — all with no net to save Nic should things go wrong.
Happily, nothing horrible happened and so the Guinness World record holder was safe upon  landing at the end of his stunt.
The 31-year-old Nic won his international awards for making his way across a hire wire on a bike at 250 feet above the ground.
He also made it into the Guinness World Book of Records by taking the longest sky walk, doing so by sauntering across a 1,100-foot wire.



Today’s experience was Nik Wallenda’s first walk in the air in his home town of Sarasota, Florida.


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