Dark Knight Massacre: The Heroes Emerge

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The Dark Knight massacre will continue to haunt the country for some time but today the heroes are starting to come to light. There are three young men no longer on this earth who gave their lives protecting the women they loved. Today those women struggle with the reality that their boyfriends are gone all while knowing that they are here because of a sacrifice they didn’t have to make.

Joe Blunk, Matt McQuinn, and Alex Teves are all heroes. Before a mad man turned their lives upside down they were ordinary men. Men who had decided to take their girlfriends out for a date and a midnight viewing of the newest Batman movie. Today they are dead and through the pain their loved ones can celebrate the fact that they are gone because they used their bodies to protect the women they loved.

No more talking of the madman, no more wondering about his motives or issues, no more macabre words about the Dark Knight massacre. Now the world should focus on the victims, survivors and their families. Remember those that are gone, celebrate those that remain, honor those who gave themselves for others.

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