‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Spoilers and Secrets Revealed in New Batman Books?

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It appears that Dark Knight Rises movie spoilers and secrets might be given out in a few new books that are being released. The new Batman books could also just give fans more insight into the various characters, weapons, vehicles, and storylines from the comic book based films and TV shows.

The Dark Knight Manual: Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and Documents from the BatcaveAs fans continue looking for Batman movie spoilers, some new details are emerging here or there. However, it hasn’t been enough to piece together the plot, what characters’ roles might be, or who dies in the new movie. The two new books hitting bookstores and online will be The Dark Knight Manual and Batmobile: The Complete History. Will they shed any light on these burning questions?

ComicBook.com notes that the first book (pictured) reveals “the Dark Knight’s secrets” including all of his “cutting-edge collaborations with Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises.” The cover showcases Batman’s guns, utility belt, the Batpod, and his famous costume. Included in the book will be blueprints for the Batcave, dossiers on foes and allies, and plans for Batman’s latest vehicles.

The other book is all based on the Batmobile, hence the title. This particular book will go in depth to look at the various versions of the Batmobile from film and television. That includes the latest incarnation of the popular ride for Batman, which has been pimped out to a whole new level. It’s basically the type of book you’ll want to give your favorite Batman fan for a birthday or other holiday gift.

Both of these books will arrive in late June according to the Comic Book website above, which is less than a month ahead of The Dark Knight Rises release date. Amazon.com lists dates closer or after the movie’s release. Fans may be scurrying to get these books as early as possible in hopes of finding out some top secret info or spoilers on the third and final Batman movie. Based on the descriptions, they might not offer a whole lot beyond information for serious fans of the comics and Batman character. If they did offer spoilers, Christopher Nolan might be just a bit upset.

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