‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Spoilers for New Batman Film Discussed by Magazine

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New “Dark Knight Rises” spoilers have been discussed in an MTV article that arrived out hours ago. These latest movie plot ideas involve the demise of Batman, aka the Caped Crusader. Just recently a new trailer video had hit the web showing more scenes involving the sinister villain Bane, who could be the one to end Bruce Wayne’s career as Batman.

The latest Batman movie spoilers are ones that many diehard fans sort of see coming. In MTV’s new article, they talk about another article, a lengthy one that appears in the latest issue of Empire magazine. Inside the pages of that mag, Christopher Nolan and others involved in the “Dark Knight” trilogy discuss how they wanted to give this story a “definitive ending.”

That ending most likely means making sure the franchise could still go on, but that the Christian Bale version of Batman would be no more. Nolan’s brother, who was co-writer of this newest movie story, said of bringing it all to a conclusion:

“It’s the right way to end it — to blow the whole thing up! It’s better than trying to spin the thing out indefinitely and make it into the Bond franchise. I mean, they’ve successfully pulled it off with Bond, but at certain costs, certainly at the cost of continuity. I think with almost every other franchise, it’s a mistake to try and keep those plates spinning. You want stakes. You want tectonic plates to shift. And as a writer you wanna feel you’ve worked on a complete story, with a beginning, a middle, and an end.”

Nolan has crafted two previous films with great storytelling, bringing this series back from the dead. Its last version before the newer, reinvigorated “Dark Knight” trilogy starred George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The newest version took a darker, more serious tone, which also featured more gritty and compelling stories. This was evidenced by the fact the movie earned an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, while Heath Ledger won the award for Best Supporting Actor.

Another tidbit that Johnathan Nolan offers up in the new Empire magazine is:

“Bane is a resourceful, cunning, and committed villain who knows exactly what he wants. He wants Batman dead and Gotham in ruins. That’s fitting for a third film.”

So the running idea is that in “The Dark Knight Rises” movie, which opens on July 20th in the US, Batman, the one Bruce Wayne is, will either retire or die. If that’s not the biggest of Batman movie spoilers, it’s hard to say what is. However, most serious fans of the movies, and the comic book series, already see this one coming. Nonetheless, it will be a surprise as to which of the two happens, and if someone else takes on the identity of Batman to keep the possibility of another franchise alive.

Do you think Batman will die, or retire, in the new “Dark Knight Rises” movie?

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