‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Spoilers: New ‘Batman 3′ Teaser Poster & Bane Info

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Brand new Dark Knight Rises movie spoilers have hit the web, in a sense. A new teaser poster reveals a look at what could be the Caped Crusader’s fate at the hands of Bane in the “Batman 3″ movie from Christopher Nolan.

Just days ago, the new Dark Knight poster was revealed. While Batman isn’t seen on the one-sheet, the sinister villain from the new movie is shown with his back facing the viewer. On the ground is a crushed Batman mask, with the words “The Legend Ends” inscribed across Bane’s back. Many fans of the Batman comic books know that Bane destroyed the Dark Knight in the comic books, so they are starting to wonder if the same fate will befall Bruce Wayne in the third film from Christopher Nolan.

Speaking of Nolan, he recently revealed the first six minutes of the new film for screening in the US and UK. For those who want to see the movie with surprises, avoid reading on, because there’s some minor “Dark Knight Rises” movie spoilers. A report from Guardian of The UK indicates that those all about Bane.

The opening scene features Bane and several other captives being transported by a CIA agent on a plane. One of the captives stands out, as they are big and brawny. It’s revealed to ultimately be Bane, and movie goers see his masked face right on camera early on. However, Guardian reports it’s tough to understand a word the character says. Whether or not this is on purpose by Nolan, or how he’ll start out speaking, remains to be seen. The rest of the scene features Bane escaping from his captivity as what appears to be his own army flies in to take over the plane by towing it beneath them.

Bane appeared before in the 1997 Batman & Robin film which also featured Poison Ivy by Uma Thurman and Mr. Freeze played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In that film, Bane did not speak at all, and mostly grunted, providing the muscle for Poison Ivy. In the new and improved movies, the role will be played by actor Tom Hardy, who was previously in Christopher Nolan’s critically-acclaimed film, “Inception.” He bulked up in a major way for the role of this villain in the new “Dark Knight” movie, but will his speaking part hurt things? It’s hard to think that Nolan would allow his final cut of the movie to be hard to understand by audiences, especially with such high expectations for the film!

The third and final Batman film, “Dark Knight Rises,” will show up in theaters for Summer of 2012. Will you be among those anxious to see the film?

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