‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Spoilers: No ‘Batman 3′ Advance Screenings Could Keep Secrets Safe

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It’s believed that “Dark Knight Rises” movie spoilers may be kept safe from leaking due to the latest news. New reports indicate that the “Batman 3″ film may not have any advance screenings, unlike “The Avengers,” which allowed early viewing of the film.

Product DetailsWith “TDKR” set to open in theaters in late July, it’s understandable that director Christopher Nolan wants to keep secrets about the plot from leaking early. This fate happened to Marvel’s “Avengers” film, yet the movie still managed to go on to achieve a huge worldwide success in terms of box office sales. Nolan and crew will be trying to generate buzz from anticipation about what will happen, and with fans kept in the “dark” about the Batman film.

A report from ComicBook.com indicates that “Dark Knight” will not have any midnight showings in the United Kingdom, although it will have them in the US. This is different from the “Avengers” film which opened in the UK first. It’s also being questioned whether or not they will allow the press to screen the new Batman movie early, or will keep things as secretive as possible until the movie arrives for fans in theaters.

The Comic Book website speculates that if Christopher Nolan and those from Warner Bros. can protect the secrets in “The Dark Knight Rises” from getting out ahead of its release in US theaters, they’ll smash the records for a midnight release. Not only that, but it will go further to entertain fans of Batman, who don’t want to spoil the surprise. One has to wonder why people want to know the movie plot rather than just paying their admission price for a movie ticket and enjoying “The Dark Knight Rises” movie without spoilers first?

Do you think Batman will die or be killed in the “Dark Knight” trilogy finale? What do you think John Blake’s role will be? (Will he become Robin, or something else?)

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