‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Spoilers Revealed by New Batman Book?

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It is possible some new “Dark Knight Rises” movie spoilers have been revealed with the release of a brand new Batman book? One website says that may be the case, as they’ve managed to piece together what could be some key plot and story elements. These rumors come after a brand new movie trailer was unveiled this past Sunday during the MTV Movie Awards.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Secret Files ScrapbookThe new book is called “The Secret Files Scrapbook” (pictured here), and has brand new movie images featured inside its pages. According to IndieWire.com, it also has some clues about the upcoming film by Christopher Nolan. That includes how Bane comes to be the villain he is in the new movie. For those who don’t want to potentially ruin the plot and they’re viewing of the new film, it’s probably best to stop reading now.

So what is known about Tom Hardy’s menacing foe he’ll play in the new film? Apparently, Bane is kicked out of a group called League of Shadows, which is well known by fans of Batman lore. The supervillain is kicked out due to “extreme behavior,” and goes on to begin assembling his own army of followers. That could explain the big crowd fight scenes in the movie, and some of the shots of a prison riot, and Bane standing before prisoners.

There are two other key pieces of the puzzle, and they are characters played by Marion Cotillard and Anne Hathaway. Cotillard will play Talia al-Ghul/Miranda Tate, and apparently will be in Gotham trying to help stop Bane. Some had speculated that she may have been a villain for this film, but it appears that’s not the case. As for Anne Hathaway, it’s well known she will play Catwoman, and it’s believed she was also a member of League of Shadows, or had some sort of encounter with Bane. That seems to be the case based on how she tells Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character that he should “be afraid of him” also.

However, as the website making mention of these plot details notes, this upcoming “Dark Knight Rises” movie is going to be nearly 3 hours in length. With that in mind, there’s a whole lot more plot involved than what’s been mentioned above. Still, it appears that this will have quite the intriguing story to tell, and based on action and special effects shots, should do it in a highly entertaining way.

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