‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Spoilers Shown in New Batman Photos Online?

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Are there any new Dark Knight Rises spoilers shown off in a set of new Batman movie photos online? Fans are still trying to piece together clues from the latest MTV Movie Awards trailer footage, and now new online still shots, to get an idea of the plot.

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Christian Bale Poster PrintWhile a new Batman movie book has been released that gives some more details on the possible storyline, the new images reveal some interesting details as well. In them, the villain Bane is shown topless with some sort of weapon in hand. He’s also shown fully clothed and standing tall in front of a group of escaped and armed prisoners. Those who have seen the various trailers have also seen that there will be some sort of prison riot, and then a huge street fight, most likely involving these men.

Also shown in the recent photos are two of the movie’s main heroines (possibly). Anne Hathaway is looking sexy as ever in her skin-tight catsuit as Catwoman, complete with some sharp heels on her boots. Right below that shot, fans get a look at Miranda Tate’s mug (Marion Cotillard), who is supposedly going to play a key role in this story, potentially trying to help Gotham stop Bane from his evil plans.

There’s also a good shot of a very serious-looking Joseph Gordon-Levitt with shotgun in hand, walking forward. He’ll be playing John Blake, who some have speculated could end up becoming the beloved sidekick Robin in the new movie. It’s unknown what Blake’s walking to or from in the movie photo, or if he’s preparing to do battle at that point. All that’s known about his character is he will be playing a detective/cop in the new film.

Overall, these photos don’t reveal much in the way of Dark Knight Rises spoilers, but they make for fun shots to wonder what might happen in this new flick. Some of the concepts still lingering for those who want to piece together the movie plot are what are the unique roles of Miranda Tate, John Blake, and Selina Kyle (aka “Catwoman”) in this new film? Of course the biggest question seems to be “will Batman die?” in this final movie of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.

The good news for those who don’t want to spoil the 2 hour and 45 minute film ahead of time, is that it’s hard to figure out too much unless you really dig for details. Besides, why spoil your movie experience by knowing everything that’s going to happen ahead of time? For now, check out the latest Dark Knight trailer video from MTV Movie Awards below, and stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

Will you be going to see The Dark Knight Rises at the movies when it comes out in late July? Do you think any of the actors, or the movie itself, will be Oscar-nominated?

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