‘Dark Knight Rises’ Photos of Tom Hardy as Bane Surface Online

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New “Dark Knight Rises” movie photos showing Tom Hardy as main villain “Bane” have surfaced online! The photos arrive via the set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the “Batman 3″ finale by Christopher Nolan is being filmed.

Tom Hardy will play the latest sinister villain known as “Bane” who will attempt to crush the Caped Crusader. Over at MTV.com they’ve unveiled a total of 12 pictures which come from the “Dark Knight Rises” film set. The series of photos from the movie set reveal Tom Hardy bald and with his Bane mask on as well as a thick brown jacket. Other photos reveal the Bat Tumbler and the Batpod as well as Christian Bale in his Batman costume. Marion Cotillard, who hasn’t been seen much in any photos, trailers or teasers, is also seen in the set of pics.

The good news is that this isn’t the same Bane moviegoers saw in that “other Batman movie” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The new photos show a much tougher and menacing version in broad daylight. For fans who don’t want to spoil the upcoming movie, they may want to hold off from viewing these new set photos. Several of the photos reveal some scenes which could be potential spoilers. The spoilers don’t appear to be major as they are probably scenes most fans of the series are expecting to see anyways!

“The Dark Knight Rises” will be the final installment from Christopher Nolan in the “Batman” trilogy. It’s scheduled for release in Summer 2012, but the buzz will only continue to build from here on out!

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