‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers and Plot Secrets in New Batman Movie Promo Video?

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There may be some Dark Knight Rises spoilers and plot secrets to speak of due to a recent video unleashed online. The new footage, features some potential Batman movie tidbits unveiled in what is supposed to be a promotional video.

Product DetailsThe new preview video comes from HitFix.com and features not only some of the trailer footage that has already been unleashed, but also the actors and crew discussing the finale. Featured in the interview segments are actors Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, and Marion Cottilard, as well as producer Christopher Nolan.

Bale, who resumes his roles as Bruce Wayne and Batman in the movie, notes “It’s the true completion. It takes everything to a whole other level.” Anne Hathaway, who will play Selina Kyle aka “Catwoman,” in this final installment of the trilogy comments, “Chris was able to amp up the stakes for this last movie.” Tom Hardy, who stars as the villain Bane, says “it’s a multi-layered story with massive amounts of action.”

Nolan tips off the audience as to what to expect from the main character at the start of the film. He notes “we find a Bruce Wayne who has been damaged by his experiences as Batman.” Those who saw The Dark Knight movie will recall that at the end he set up an intricate plot with the Gotham police and Commissioner Gordon (Oldman). Basically, Batman agreed to be a fugitive and take the fall for the death of the district attorney, who became “Two Face,” towards the end of the film. With that in mind, it meant Batman was on the run, rather than a friend to the police.

While there aren’t any huge Dark Knight Rises spoilers in this new video, the secrets are there. There’s minor plot details which set the stage for this film, including the concept that “Batman has been missing for 8 years” now, and we see what Gotham is like without him. There are also some scenes and photos shown that may not have been seen before in previous TV teasers and movie trailers. One of them includes Alfred telling Mr. Wayne his promise to Bruce’s parents, and another has Bane telling Bruce when he’ll give him “permission to die.”

With that in mind, if you’re a big fan of TDKR and can’t wait for the open, you’ll want to check this video out. It features some great behind-the-scenes interviews, and a look at the huge set pieces used to make the exciting action that will be in this upcoming blockbuster. The Dark Knight Rises will swoop into U.S. movie theaters on July 20, 2012. Will you be among the millions going to see the new film?

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