‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers and Rumors: New Video of ‘Batman 3′ Batwing and Catwoman Chase

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New “Dark Knight Rises” spoilers and rumors have emerged in the form of several videos shot while “Batman 3″ was filming. These new videos feature the Batwing and Batpod in action as well as Catwoman, but not Anne Hathaway or Christian Bale.

In the videos seen over at E! Online, the Batwing is being driven down the city streets on a special device that makes it move about as if it’s flying low under snowy conditions. A version of Batman is seen in the cockpit, which is likely a stunt double or dummy. No offense meant to Christian Bale!

Also making an appearance in the videos is Catwoman, but not Anne Hathaway this time. For the latest shots, it’s a stunt double donning the skintight costume and straddling the Batpod cycle as she rolls down the city street. She appears to be tailing or chasing a military vehicle which could be part of the villains’ entourage!

The new film is scheduled to arrive in theaters in summer of 2012. These movie spoilers obviously don’t reveal all of the plot but they give fans a glimpse at the Batman vehicles to expect in the “Dark Knight Rises” film. The Batpod was featured in the previous film, but the Batwing has never been seen. It appears that Christopher Nolan and the “Caped Crusader” are pulling out all the stops for this big finale!

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