‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers Arrive From New Batman Movie Book and TV Teaser Video

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It appears some new Dark Knight Rises spoilers have been revealed thanks to a Batman movie tie-in book that was released. The book, called “The Dark Knight Manual: Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and Documents from the Batcave” features some hints and notes about weapons that will be part of the upcoming film.

The Dark Knight Manual: Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and Documents from the BatcaveWhile the new Spider-Man movie is the next superhero film to release this summer, it still looks like Batman is one of the most-anticipated after The Avengers. Fans have been treated to a plethora of viral marketing campaigns, TV teasers, and video trailers for the new Dark Knight movie. Some websites have also attempted to piece together parts of the plot and speculate on Batman’s fate in the new film.

Now, a new book which is one sale (pictured here) is giving glimpses of the weapons and technology that are central to the new movie’s plot. For those who don’t want to spoil things, you may want to stop reading. However, for those looking to get a little more “educated” about the new movie, read on. By the way, the spoilers aren’t too big, and won’t inform anyone of the Caped Crusader living or dying, in case you want to stay away from that info.

According to MTV.com, three toys, devices or weapons in particular are mentioned and described in the book. One is the device that the villain Bane will be looking to dominate with in this new story. It’s a fusion reactor, created by Wayne Enterprise to find a new clean fuel source. However, as many know, devices like these often get into the “wrong hands” in the comic book world.

Also mentioned in the book are the EMP device that viewers have seen shots of Batman holding in various promos, as well as “The Bat.” That’s the new flying vehicle that will make its big appearance in Christopher Nolan’s finale. By the way, one of the newest TV spots is available to watch below in the video clip, featuring more scenes with Catwoman and Batman, or Bruce and Selina. It should lay to rest whether or not they team up in this film for fans who are still wondering.

Luckily these new “spoilers” don’t give too much away, however, it almost seems to mimic a bit of what was seen in The Avengers, with Tony Stark aka “Iron Man” developing a new energy source at his Stark tower complex. That also came into play as part of the main villain’s plot for a massive takeover for those who have seen it. It’s doubtful Nolan was copycatting though, as it just seems like a smart and relevant theme to use in a movie plot these days as new energy source ideas and gas demands continue.

All said, if you’re a fan of Batman, comic books, superheros, the ensemble cast of actors, or good movies in general, The Dark Knight Rises, definitely looks like one that deserves your attention this Summer. Do you plan to see it as soon as it hits theaters, or will you wait for the crowd to die down?

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