‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers: Batman Movie Ending and Character’s Death Debated

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With “Dark Knight Rises” spoilers now in full force due to the Batman movie’s release, some websites are picking apart their issues with the film. This includes the fight scenes, and one character’s death in the film.

Previous Dark Knight spoilers have covered every aspect of the film, from whether Batman dies, to the surprise characters, and surprise plot twists. Now, many fans, and comic book websites are taking a closer look at what they liked, and didn’t like, about Christopher Nolan’s grand finale in this trilogy.

The Comic Book Movie website is on top of all these story inconsistencies and plot holes. The one author dissects every part of the film that bothered him. For example, he notes that some fans have been upset over how Bane was killed in this film. It wasn’t done by Batman, but instead by Catwoman, on the Batcycle, as she blasted Bane before he could blow Batman’s head off with a shotgun.

It’s true with this sort of ending to the major villain, Batman didn’t truly defeat the guy who broke him in half and left him to suffer in a pit in “hell.” It’s hard to say why Nolan chose this particular way of getting rid of Bane, because it almost says that Batman couldn’t handle the villain without help. Then again, that seemed to be a prevailing theme as he returned to his crime-fighting role as Gotham’s protector, after being such a recluse.

Other good points made by the website, include a lack of development in the romance between Bruce Wayne and his leading ladies. He slept with Miranda Tate at one point in the film, but there wasn’t much of a relationship built, at least on-screen. He also had several kiss scenes with Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and that particular relationship seemed to be more prevailing than the one which involved Tate. Maybe it was to throw off movie goers so they wouldn’t suspect Tate was going to stab Batman in the back, literally.

A few other contentions with the film included the way Robin was portrayed and Batman’s reduced appearances in the film. While his first appearance is rather exciting as he chases down Bane and his cronies on their motorcycles, while also eluding the police, the Caped Crusader was really not very involved in the film’s finish. He had a few scenes here or there, and his fight with Bane was shorter than it could have been.

As for Robin in “Dark Knight Rises,” that was the big reveal at the end of the film as police detective John Blake finds the Batcave. Just before that, his name is revealed to be John “Robin” Blake. In the comic books, Dick Grayson was Robin, and it’s being speculated that Christopher Nolan gave his Robin a different real name, to throw off longtime fans of the comics.

Just a few other mentions include the lack of mentioning the previous villain, The Joker, at all in the story, and some of the dumbing down of the passing of time. For example, a bomb was set to go off in several months time, and it was attempted to show the decay of Gotham city during those months, but it didn’t necessarily feel like that much time had passed. That’s not necessarily something Nolan did on purpose to call movie goers stupid, but probably was done more for the sake of time. After all the movie already clocks in at close to three hours, even though it doesn’t feel that way when you see it.

It’s true, the stuff in this Batman movie is not perfect, but then again many of Hollywood’s big blockbusters have these issues. To say there will ever be a “perfect superhero film” may be premature, although “The Dark Knight,” film two of this series, was heralded by many as very close. It will be surprising if “The Dark Knight Rises” gets nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, although several of its cast members have already won awards for their acting, in other films.

Did you see “The Dark Knight Rises,” and if so, were there any parts in particular that bothered you most?

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