‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers Bound to Leak as Reviews and Fans Discuss New Batman Movie

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It appears “Dark Knight Rises” spoilers will be inevitable as the new Batman movie is just days away from release to U.S. theaters. Not only that, but critics are posting reviews, and fans are responding. Some not so nicely.

The Dark Knight Rises Heroes Rise Movie PosterThe Dark Knight reviews have been arriving early, giving critics a look at the final Christopher Nolan film before fans get to devour it on Friday. Many shows are already sold out in cities around the United States, meaning the movie is “kind of a big deal” for comic book and Batman fans. There’s also movie goers in generall going batty for the Caped Crusader.

So far, the Rotten Tomatoes website has an aggregate review score of 84% for TDKR. That is a better score than anything else that’s recently come out in mass release, including “Ted,” “Brave,” “Magic Mike,” and “The Amazing Spider-Man.” However, it’s yet to be fully digested by fans who will weigh in with their scores over the course of the coming weekend, weeks, and months when they view the film once, or multiple times.

Speaking of weighing in, it’s going to be tough for those who don’t see the movie within its initial day or so of release to avoid spoilers. Most likely there will be people leaving comments online regarding what happens to characters, or the movie’s ending, so staying away from that info is paramount to anyone wanting to keep themselves entertained and surprised. Even critics may let loose some key elements of the plot if they divulge too much in their reviews.

One recent reviewer is getting plenty of buzz too, but not for spoilers, more for his negative criticism of “The Dark Knight Rises” in a review. He was the first negative review posted on Rotten Tomatoes, and he certainly has been hearing about it. According to a Yahoo! News article, Marshall Fine of Hollywood and Fine, has received over 550 comments on the website from enraged fans. However, none of them have seen the movie yet, unless they somehow got early screenings or are other reviewers.

Sure, it can be upsetting if someone criticizes a franchise or character you love. Nonetheless, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, good or bad. It can only be hoped that others won’t ruin this experience for the rest of the movie viewing population by sharing key details ahead of others seeing the film. The fact one person left a negative review certainly isn’t going to deter people from seeing this film, as the majority of reviews have been of the positive nature. Expect big numbers at the box office, but that goes without saying, Batman will need to worry most about Bane, not about achieving blockbuster status over this weekend.

Do you plan to see “The Dark Knight Rises” this coming weekend, or will you wait it out a bit? Are theaters in your area selling out shows already?

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