‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers: Does Batman Die and Movie Franchise Future (Video)

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Now that the movie is officially out, Dark Knight Rises spoilers are inevitable. For those who may want insight into what happens in the film, but either aren’t planning to go see it, or want to figure out where the franchise is going, this is the article to read.

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Movie PosterAny recent TDKR movie review will reveal two schools of critics: there are those who loved the final effort of Christopher Nolan, and those who wanted so much more out of it. However, it should be noted that this movie had hype building it for quite some time, as well as all sorts of leaked photos and information which could’ve spoiled things. For those who tried their best to stay away from those spoilers, they may have received some surprises in the film. Stop reading at this point if you don’t want to ruin things, as those surprises will be laid out.

Now for those Dark Knight spoilers. First and foremost, the surprises in the film include the appearance of former Batman villain, Scarecrow, played by Cilian Murphy. While he didn’t do any scaring, he was the judge/jury who sent Gotham citizens to death or exile, on behalf of Bane. Anyone who missed the first movie, Batman Begins, may have been confused why other audience members chuckled when he appeared on screen.

Another surprise is there’s more than just Bane as the main villain. Towards the movies frantic finale, audience members learn that Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) is in fact, Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra al Ghul. Once again, rewind to the first movie in Nolan’s trilogy to realize that Ra trained the Dark Knight from the League of Shadows. However, he also became his opponent towards the end of the film. He also appears via flashback in this film, with Liam Neeson reprising the role briefly. In the Dark Knight Rises movie, Talia is the one behind the plot to destroy Gotham city by gaining control of Wayne Enterprises and the nuclear power source they have been hiding underground. She also stabs Batman in the gut towards the end to show her true colors.

The answer is “yes” to anyone asking if Robin’s in the movie, and “no” to anyone asking “does Batman die?” Those were two huge questions heading into this film. The ending sees Bane shot and killed by Catwoman on the Bat cycle, with Batman then having to fly his new toy, “The Bat,” away with the nuclear bomb set to explode within minutes. He flies far over the ocean and away from Gotham, with a huge mushroom cloud explosion seen. It’s unknown then if he died or lived, that is until Bruce Wayne is seen towards the end by his former butler, Alfred, in another country, with a mystery woman having lunch. The film ends with detective John “Robin” Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) discovering he has inherited the Batcave, as he lights a flare off, and the screen goes dark.

With the news Nolan won’t be doing any more films in this series, he certainly left the door open for someone else to pick things up with the movie ending. Robin is there for the taking, but wisely, Nolan didn’t really use him in that capacity in his film. Remember what Batman and Robin did for the franchise?

Still it’d be great to see Bale and Gordon-Levitt make a return to the screen as Batman and Robin. Maybe a decent director could do them justice, and throw in a sinister, fun villain such as The Riddler. Bring in Catwoman for good measure, just because Anne Hathaway played the role well and wore the skintight catsuit well also.

Do you think that the cast members from The Dark Knight Rises, might return for a new movie about Batman and Robin, or will it be new actors? Which villain would you want to see in that new movie?

For those who want to check out the opening scene from the film which features Bane’s plane escape, there is raw, uncut footage below. Enjoy!

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