‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers in Re-released Movie Footage from MTV? (Video)

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With Dark Knight Rises spoilers and secrets continuing to tease fans online, a piece of footage that had been taken offline, is now back! MTV’s preview trailer video that was shown at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards by Christopher Nolan and part of his cast, is officially available for viewing, and dissection.

The Dark Knight movie spoilers that have been discussed so far, involve everything imaginable. That includes what John Blake’s role will be, what Bane’s master plan is, and will Batman die in this film? While some of those questions seem to have answers for those doing their homework, luckily a few still remain.

This particular footage was shown off during MTV’s awards show, with Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt appearing on stage to talk about the trilogy and finale. Christopher Nolan came on stage after to talk about how satisfying this journey has been over the course of nearly a decade to create the finest Batman movie trilogy ever made.

MTV also offers up some spoilers in its latest article for those who want to keep reading, and not be as surprised by the Dark Knight Rises when it hits theaters. The spoiler they discuss is just what Batman is up against in this film. It’s not only Bane, but also an organized militia that is looking to take over Gotham City. So Batman will need more help in order to defeat his foes. Most viewers and fans can pretty much tell this from the previews showing the prison and street riot situations.

The MTV writer points out that this film is like a “David Lean-style war epic.” They bring up classics like Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge Over the River Kwai, and Doctor Zhivago. Gotham will be on lockdown, based on the previews showing cars piled up as a blockade, bridges destroyed, and jets flying over the city. Talk about a mess, and a menace!

MTV says they have the video clip available here, but right now they seem to have the clip embedded with the three actors discussing the film. However, their article seems to present enough of a spoiler for the plot for those fans who want a general gist of what to expect from this movie, which could be epic!

However, films like Godfather III and Return of the Jedi come to mind from fans who point out the third film in a trilogy often fails. Do you think The Dark Knight Rises will be as good as, or better than, the previous two films?

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