‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers: New Batman Teaser Trailer with Bruce Wayne (Video)

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For those looking for Dark Knight Rises spoilers, the people behind the grand finale Batman movie have made it a chore, although viral campaigns, teaser TV spots and movie trailers are helping some fans put puzzle pieces together. The latest is a TV ad featuring Bruce Wayne, the man who we all know is secretly Batman.

So, for those who don’t want Batman movie spoilers, it’s best to stop reading here. However, for those who like getting every last bit of info about the movie before its official release, read on!

One website shows off the brand new television spot which features several scenes, including Bruce Wayne taking a trip to the doctor’s office. It’s been revealed in previous featurettes and interview videos that this movie by Christopher Nolan will feature a broken and battered version of the Caped Crusader. He’s been missing for a good eight years, ever since he and Commissioner Gordon decided to “pretend” that Batman was really a fugitive, or an enemy of the Gotham police, rather than the guy working to save it.

The new footage, reported at ComicBookMovie.com, which can be seen below via YouTube features quite a few parts from the movie that have not been revealed in any of the other trailers or teasers before. That includes a doctor talking to Bruce about his injuries and precautions to take, as well as Batman asking for Catwoman’s assistance, and a comical one-liner from John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) with a “punchline” of sorts delivered by Batman.

So as for The Dark Knight Rises spoilers, this new TV teaser piece seen below of about 30 seconds might not show a whole lot, but it does give even more scenes from the movie than were presented before. It seems that maybe at some point Warner Bros. and everyone else involved might want to wait until the movie’s out to unveil these extra teasers and trailers. They should know by now that there will be plenty of people in line from July 20th and beyond to see this epic Batman film. Will you be one of them?

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