‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers Revealed by New Batman Movie Trailer Video?

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Fans continue to look for “Dark Knight Rises” spoilers to give tidbits and info about the upcoming Batman 3 movie plot. To date, there’s been a slew of television ads, teased footage, posters, and official trailer videos released online. A new trailer has been unveiled via YouTube video to further get fans hyped for the big comic book action film which arrives in July.

With Dark Knight movie spoilers few and far between, fans clamor to any tidbits of info, photos, or videos available online. In the latest video preview (below), lasting over 2 minutes, fans and movie goers get a good look at the sinister villain, Bane. He makes the line “I’m Gotham’s reckoning” famous by blowing up bridges, inciting riots, kidnapping Bruce Wayne (Batman), and trying to destroy Gotham City. That’s one major aspect of the story, which also includes Catwoman’s appearance, and Bruce Wayne/Batman returning to his roots as a crime fighter.

This latest trailer video from “The Dark Knight Rises” brings a lot of footage together, and reveals some new clips stitched in. Included is more footage of Bane fighting with Batman, and maybe destroying him. The new line comes from the Caped Crusader, “I’m not afraid, I’m angry,” as he turns away from a caged door or wall, to face his nemesis. Also seen are shots of John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and Selina Kyle aka “Catwoman” (Anne Hathaway) in various scenes which have been in other clips.

The big question many people are wondering, will Batman die in “The Dark Knight Rises” movie? There’s no spoilers on it yet, but some are speculating since this is the last “hoorah” for Christopher Nolan, that he may go the way of the famous comic book story, where Batman was broken in half by Bane. Eventually, Robin would take over for the Dark Knight, so it will be interesting to see if Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in fact going to play that role.

Check out the newest “Dark Knight Rises” trailer below. Can you find any new Batman movie spoilers in it? What do you think will happen in this upcoming blockbuster film?

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