‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers Revealed in New Batman Movie Sneak Peek Video?

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Have some possible Dark Knight Rises spoilers hit the internet today? A new video clip from a Spanish news program reveals an “unprecedented sneak peek” into the Batman 3 film from Christopher Nolan.

According to Hollywood.com, the new clip comes from TV program TN2. The Spanish program takes a behind the scenes visit to the new movie’s set and looks at some of the costumes. Additionally, they talk things over with costume designer Lindy Hemming, and Chris Corbould, who is in charge of visual effects.

Not a whole lot is revealed in the short 1:38 clip via YouTube. However, there are some peeks at the various sets including the prison which will be featured in the new film, as well as the latest costume Batman will wear in Dark Knight Rises. There’s a quick shot of an airplane up on a scaffolding as well, which was most likely part of the action-packed scene involving Bane’s escape. If nothing else, this latest video clip will give movie-goers and comic fans even more hype to get them ready for this upcoming DC Comics film from Christopher Nolan.

Are you planning to see The Dark Knight Rises in a movie theater once it arrives this July?

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