‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers & Rumors Emerge from ‘Batman 3′ Set Photos

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Those searching for Dark Knight Rises spoilers and rumors, look no further than the latest set photos which have been revealed. The latest images which have leaked to the internet reveal a battle between Batman and his nemesis Bane in a snowy scene in Pittsburgh. A video below shows actors, Christian Bale and Tom Hardy, in their hero and villain costumes as they choregraph their fight scene in Pittsburgh.

That’s not all the new Batman set photos reveal though. For those uninterested in spoiling the fun, it’s best to stop reading now. These photos not only show Batman in the clutches of Bane as the two do battle, but it shows yet another potential villain. Seen in the photos is actress Marion Cotillard. Cotillard was said to be portraying the character Miranda Tate in the final Batman 3 film from Christopher Nolan. However, Dark Knight Rises rumors were saying differently and they may be right.

It appears from the leaked set photos that Cotillard is leading a series of armed military guards who may be known as the “League of Shadows.” If that’s the truth, then Cotillard may be playing Talia al Ghul, who is trying to destroy Gotham City and Batman’s efforts to protect it. This would be a major plot reveal that some fans had already been predicting before seeing the photos emerge.

One of the set photos even reveals what looks to be Cottilard’s character rising out of the Bat Tumbler vehicle. She may very well have stolen the ride from the Caped Crusader and taken it out for a spin to do some damage to Gotham. In another one of the “Dark Knight Rises” rumors floating around the web, fans are predicting that movie goers may get to see Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway, in more of a role of one of Batman’s allies, helping him do battle against Bane and Talia. That would make for some great catfighting!

The new Batman film entitled Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for release in July 2012. Until that release actually happens it will continue to be buzzed about and speculated on as each new photo, poster and movie trailer emerges. That’s the fun that comes with huge blockbuster superhero films like this one!

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