‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers: Will Robin Join Batman in New Movie?

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New potential Dark Knight Rises spoilers are online, with a website discussing a key character who needs to appear in the new film. The question which has been asked before is now being revisited: “Will Robin appear in the new Batman movie?”

The Dark Knight Rises: The Secret Files ScrapbookWhile recent Dark Knight spoilers were more focused on Batman’s weapons, vehicles, and the roles of Catwoman and Bane in the film, new theories have been launched regarding John Blake. Blake is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film, and from most of the trailers and early material, he’s supposed to be a police detective. He’s possibly investigating the disappearance of Bruce Wayne or Batman, and also Bane’s heinous activities.

However, there’s always been lingering speculation that Blake will either take on the role of Batman for Bruce Wayne, or that he is his well known sidekick, Robin. Now a new article from ComicBook.com reveals five reasons they believe this will be the truth come movie time.

Several of the reasons the site believes Robin will appear are based on visual clues presented in the early movie trailers. Two of them involve the football team, the Gotham Rogues. There is a Robin logo which appears in the stands during a trailer, and also one player’s jersey in particular has “Ward” printed on back. The idea is that it’s a tribute to former Steelers star, Hines Ward. However, there’s also speculation this is really a nod towards Burt Ward. He starred as Robin back in the 60’s TV version of Batman.

Another visual clue is a chalk drawing that John Blake draws on the ground. Some believed it was the famous bat symbol, but the site says Forbes speculates that it looks more like the “Nightwing” symbol. Nightwing was the secret superhero identity adopted by Dick Grayson, aka “Robin.”

Two more reasons are presented why Robin will appear in The Dark Knight Rises movie. One is that leaked bio information about John Blake indicates he is an orphan. This is the case for the Robin character in the Batman comic books. The final reason the Comic Book site presents for Robin appearing in the film is a bit less sturdy, and that is that every Batman series must end with Robin in it.

The grand finale of the initial Batman series was called Batman and Robin starring George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell in the title roles. The movie was also a major flop, and for the sake of Christopher Nolan, fans are hoping history doesn’t repeat itself with that notion.

The Dark Knight Rises movie is set to open on July 20th, 2012 in U.S. theaters. As of now, Batman, Catwoman, and Bane are all set to appear, with Robin, still a mystery.

Do you believe that Robin will appear in this final movie of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, or will John Blake have a different role? Will he ultimately take on the role of Batman from Bruce Wayne?

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