‘Dark Knight Rises’ to Challenge ‘Avengers’ Movie: Can Batman Capture Box Office?

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With “Dark Knight Rises” spoilers among the hot searches for movie goers the past months, soon the actual film will release. The question is how big will Batman loom at the box office compared to its Marvel predecessor, “The Avengers”?

Recent Batman movie spoilers for this third and final film in the trilogy have looked at some of the details of the background story which will unfold on the screen. The trailers have been thrust at fans and prospective movie goers for weeks, with new teasers and TV spots added almost each week. There’s been looks at everything from Bane to Batman to Catwoman to the various “Bat toys” that will come into play in the movie.

Will all of that be enough to topple what “The Avengers” film has done at the box office? Unfortunately, the answer is likely “no.” While Batman will get large sales, the fact that this movie is not presented in 3D like “Avengers” was, could be what hurts it. However, it won’t be surprising if Batman takes a close second, even with “The Amazing Spider-Man” being shown in 3D early in July.

A new report from the LA Times indicates that Hollywood tracking surveys have been used and they show that audiences are very interested in seeing “Dark Knight Rises.” In fact, the percentages of movie goers polled in US and Canada who said they were “definitely interested” or ranked it as their “first choice” to see out of upcoming releases, nearly matched what “The Avengers” scored three weeks ahead of its debut. It’s no surprise with all of the marketing, campaigning, and previews of the new film, that there’s such a frenzy about seeing it.

One of the biggest aspects here is that many movie goers are curious what the fate of Batman will be in “The Dark Knight Rises.” While there are no true spoilers out there, various articles have speculated about his death, or retirement. It’s known that Christopher Nolan will finish the series with this film, at least his version of it. Some are predicting that someone else may take over for Batman in this new film.

When it comes down to it, “Dark Knight Rises,” should become one of the top 3 movies of Summer 2012, and probably will crush its predecessor, “The Dark Knight.” From there, it will be interesting to see if this movie garners similar Oscar nominations like the previous film did.

Is “Dark Knight Rises” among your must see movies for this summer? What other movies are you planning to see?

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