‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Leaks But Is It Real? (Video)

A new The Dark Knight Rises trailer hits the internet but there seems to be some question about its authenticity.

A very shaky handed, obviously boot-legged footage of the teaser trailer has leaked online. According to the rumor mill, the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer was being shown before The Green Lantern in theaters in Italy. The studio and filmmaker Christopher Nolan have yet to confirm or deny whether or not this in fact an authentic trailer for the final installment of the three film series in the franchise directed by Nolan.

The Hollywood Reporter seems to think there is reason to believe The Dark Knight Rises trailer could be a fake but the studio logos at the end would suggest it’s in fact the real deal. The content of the teaser trailer itself is probably what brings its authenticity into question. As with most teasers there’s not a whole lot to it, a stark red sky, filled with lightening over the Gotham skyline as a mass of bats descend upon the city. The simple text reads, “The storm is coming to Gotham.” Not exactly the brilliance that Christopher Nolan has come to be known for in reviving the Batman franchise. Some might even go so far as to call it straight out cheesy.

What do you think, is The Dark Knight Rises trailer the real deal or fake?

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