‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer & Poster Bring ‘Batman 3′ Movie Plot Theories (Video)

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The brand new Dark Knight Rises trailer and movie poster have been unveiled the past week or so. That means fans and entertainment writers everywhere have frantically started developing their theories over the “Batman 3″ film from Christopher Nolan. The new movie due out in 2012 will star Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway in the lead roles, along with several other returning actors, and will bring us to a conclusion of some sorts for Gotham City’s “Caped Crusader.”

While the villains, characters and backstory seem to be known for this third and final film in Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy are known, the plot has been kept under wraps. Not long ago the official “Dark Knight Rises” movie poster emerged, showing a view looking up at the tops of buildings (probably in Gotham City) with decaying rubble falling from them. The outline of the sky and crumbling buildings formed the Batman symbol.

Now just days ago, the “Dark Knight Rises” trailer hit the internet. The trailer has been leaked online thanks to fans who went to see the final “Harry Potter” movie recording it on their cell phone cameras. From what is seen in the clip, Commission Gordon (Gary Oldman) is suffering in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on, pleading for someone to get Batman’s help. The trailer ends with the tease of Batman and Bane meeting up. Bane has previously been seen in a teaser still image, showing the beefed up and menacing character Tom Hardy will play.

The new “Batman” trailer also features the voice of Ra’s Al Ghul, played by Liam Neeson, in the first of the films, “Batman Begins.” Not seen on screen in the new trailer are Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred (Michael Caine), Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), or John Blake the Gotham cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). There hasn’t been much revealed about Anne Hathaway’s transformation into Catwoman either. That leaves plenty of plot to figure out in the meantime, or maybe will be well worth the wait until summer of 2012. Entertainment Weekly has provided its own group of theories and ideas based on the clues in the trailer.

The good news with this project is that even though the villains Bane and Catwoman will probably be prominent in the story, they won’t be the ones seen in the previous “Batman” films. Remember the films starring the likes of Michael Keaton or George Clooney? Those were much more like cartoonish comic book characters as compared to the darker, more intense depictions of Christopher Nolan. What will be interesting to see is if it is merely stuck in the shadows of its predecessor or able to make for an enjoyable and well done sequel, or if it will have too much hype to live up to. If this film is anything like the second movie, expect it to be heralded by critics and fans all over.

Have you seen the new “Dark Knight Rises” trailer yet? What sort of conclusion do you think will happen for this trilogy, a pleasant or surprisingly dark ending to the superhero?

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