‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Video from MTV Movie Awards—Any New Batman Spoilers?

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A new Dark Knight Rises trailer video has emerged from the MTV Movie Awards. The brand new footage was unveiled on stage Sunday night by three of the film’s actors and its star producer.

At last night’s MTV Movie Awards, there weren’t just winners receiving popcorn statues, but also previews of new films. One of those was the new Batman movie, which will be the final installment in director Christopher Nolan’s popular trilogy. To introduce previous footage (from parts 1 and 2), actors Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) took to the stage.

Once director Christopher Nolan (pictured) talked about how rewarding it has been to create this trilogy, and the fact it took nine years to do, it was time to show off some new scenes. So were there any Batman spoilers given away? At first look, not really, but then again, it does appear that Catwoman will be helping out Batman at some point. For speculation purposes, it’s possible that she is part of the early plot to kidnap Bruce Wayne aka Batman, helping out Bane. Then maybe later on she has a change of heart and decides to help the Caped Crusader?

Otherwise, the footage unveils a lot of what fans have seen already, including the fact “The Bat” vehicle will be a part of this film, and Batman will fight Bane in a wintry scene outdoors. There will also be plenty of destruction by Bane and his crew, including two bridges, a football field, and what appears to be part of Wall Street. Not to mention a pile of cars stacked up to make a huge blockade of some sort.

The new “Dark Knight Rises” footage can be seen before. If nothing else, this has added more hype to the film’s release which comes in late July of this summer. Expect plenty of fans to be in line once this finally arrives, and hopefully everyone gets their money’s worth. Judging by the previews and Nolan’s previous work, that should happen.

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