‘Dark Knight Rises’ TV Spots Reveal Catwoman and Batman Movie Spoilers? (Video)

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Several new “Dark Knight Rises” TV spots debuted recently, and with them comes more speculation about the third and final Batman movie from Christopher Nolan. Do the latest videos reveal any spoilers about the trilogy finale featuring Bane and Catwoman?

The new promos are seen at various websites including IGN.com and feature all of the major players in the new film. TV spot #1 could be called “I Need to Get Back in the Game,” as it features Bruce Wayne (Batman’s real identity) asking for a little help from his friends. It’s almost got a bit of a Rocky sequel moment, in that an aged and beat up Bruce is looking to get back in the ring. As for spoilers, those seem hard in this particular clip.

TV spot #2 features a bit of a spoiler in that Catwoman gets to “steal the show,” literally. The video promo begins with scenes from a costume party, with Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (Catwoman) dancing. The pair jokes about who each is pretending to be. Other scenes in the clip unveil the sinister villain Bane and some of his treacherous acts. However, the grand finale of the clip is when Bruce Wayne is told by valet that “your wife said you were taking a cab home.” The video shows a smirking Selina in true cat burglar form as she speeds away with one of Wayne’s expensive rides.

While those aren’t major spoilers, they can allow some comic fans and Christopher Nolan fans to ponder what’s to come. Is Selina Kyle aka “Catwoman” going to play a part in Bruce Wayne getting kidnapped by Bane? It appears in the other trailers she becomes an ally at some point, but will she be a friend all movie? Also, the question still lingers about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role, as well as the fate of Batman in this final film.

What do you think is going to happen in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” in terms of plot? Feel free to leave your guesses and speculations below!

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