Darren Criss to Become Series Regular on ‘Glee’? – Katy Perry Loves it!

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Darren Criss, during his debut on Glee last night, proved that he belongs on the ever popular show as a regular.  He has shown the world why he should become a series regular on Glee. The highlight of the show was when he and his Dalton backup singers, covered Katy Perry’s smash hit, Teenage Dream.  It was such a dead-on performance with his own style of charisma that Katy Perry fell in love with it and even tweeted about it following the show.

Here’s why Darren Criss should become a regular on Glee

Last night, Ryan Murphy showed entertainment pundits why he is one of the most creative minds in the business.  His iconic Glee creation, already gold, went triple-platinum last night when singer/songwriter Darren Criss did a jaw-dropping rendition of Teenage Dream.  It was pure magic.

There has been ongoing talks of Criss having a recurring role as Blaine, but it is clear that he deserves “the full monty”, and nothing less.  Blaine is an openly gay student (calm down Kurt), and the love interest, eh hem, mentor of Kurt who tries to show his new bud just how important life is and how much it has to offer.

Darren Criss is a natural and should become a regular

They fit like corn flakes and milk, like toast and jam, like Batman and Robin, and based on Darren Criss’s show-stopping performance on Glee last night, it is obvious he needs more than just a recurring role.  The good news is that sources inside the Glee camp say that a deal is in the works, and Darren Criss may be a regular fixture beginning in the third season of Glee.

Do you believe Darren Criss will make a good addition to the team? If so, how will his character evolve and remain relevant, as the cast is always evolving? Is is good move?

If Darren Criss is to become a series regular on Glee, will it increase the ratings that are already through the roof?

Did you know?

  • Darren Criss played the role of Harry Potter in A Very Potter Musical?
  • He got his start from a viral YouTube video?

Here’s the video from Glee last night of Darren Criss performing Teenage Dream:

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