Darwin’s Fossils Found

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Royal Holloway paleontologist Dr. Howard Falcon-Lang found fossils lost for 150 years, once belonging to Charles Darwin, in a dark area of the British Geological Survey. These fossils were collected and stored, but misplaced.

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Charles Darwin, who was heralded for his contributions into science, created the evolutionary theory of life. This theory has been scientifically proven on many accounts. His slides and fossils are important to show how living creatures have changed periodically to adapt to surroundings and events. This adaptation is center in the evolutionary process. Finding the fossils, as reported by Xfinity, means key scientific data has not been lost forever.

The 314 slides that Dr. Falcon-Lang found were lost for 165 years, and included key samples obtained on the HMS Beagle. The find occurred in April, but the realization of the fossils being Charles Darwin’s and such early key factors of his work was not made until recently. They are now being curated into an online museum exhibit.

Here’s hoping that key scientific data and remnants of a time people will never get to visit again stays put and doesn’t go missing again.

What do you think? Is it unfathomable that some of the most important works of Charles Darwin can just go missing for 165 years? While in the mid-1800’s he wasn’t quite as known as he is now, perhaps it was an oversight? Chime in with your views!

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