Daryl Hall and John Oates – A Marriage of Convenience

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Daryl Hall and John Oates have been making music for the better part of 40 years but is this musical marriage heading for divorce?

The duo recently played to a near sold out audience at the Durham Performing Arts Center in North Carolina. The last time the two played there was 16 months ago but nothing actually changed since then except for the year.

Yes Weekly reports that the concert “was essentially a carbon copy, right down to opener Mutlu’s set closing cover of Sam Cooke’s ‘Change is Gonna Come’ and [Hall’s] wardrobe — same leather jacket, sunglasses, jeans, T-shirt, everything.”

But one big difference is the relationship between Daryl and John. After 40 years of being together their friendship has turned chilly at best. There’s no pre-show interaction between the two at all. Oates arrived at the concert hours before it was to start while Hall arrived about a half hour before he was to go on stage. Rumor has it that the two won’t even get together for pre-show photographs without “a gauntlet of handlers and go-betweens.”

Seeing the names of Hall and Oates on theater marquees might still guarantee a sell out performance but if getting them together is almost as hard as getting an audience with the Pope why are they still together? Like married couples who sometimes stay together for the kids are Hall and Oates staying together for the money?

No one can deny the duo’s success in song writing and the fame they achieved in their day. Their songs are still very recognizable now some 40 years later. The tunes are still featured in television shows and movies, but the two haven’t written anything as a team for many years.

Since Daryl Hall and John Oates rarely speak to each other, can’t even get together for some back stage photos, and when they tour they sing the same songs, it makes one wonder if the singing duo of Hall and Oates is still a match made in heaven.

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