Daryl Hall and John Oates Aging With Their Older Fans In Texas

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Eighties singing duo Daryl Hall and John Oates never had a problem finding fans. Back in the day, there were young girls screaming during concerts dying to be one of the hand-select who would be noticed and invited back stage to spend some time with the singers.

These girls haven’t gone away, they’ve just became older women screaming at concerts trying to convince themselves that Daryl or John see them and will invite them back stage. The last thing Hall or Oates really needs is a middle-aged woman acting like she’s 13.

A few nights ago, the duo played in Allen, Texas to an older, sold-out crowd that hung on to every word Hall uttered. The audience screamed in approval and delight that the aging rock star actually acknowledged the crowd’s presence.

D Magazine described the audience as, “an arena full of heavily khaki’d and well-fed suburbanites, in one of the reddest counties in the nation this time of year and decade, during the playoffs of the American political process. Thankfully, this was simply a concert featuring the best-selling duo in the history of pop music and not a convention.”

But Hall and Oates is an older act with John in his mid-sixties and Hall turning sixty-six next month. It just makes sense that most of their audience would be people on the wrong side of 50. “The upper middle class patrons on the floor are using loafers and sandals to clear as much floor as they can. Men who look like Walter Matthau shuffle in ways that wouldn’t be inappropriate in a rap club.”

The singers hold their own during their concerts. Both fully aware that their voices can’t quite reach those high notes any longer but do a nice job in compensating. “The effect is similar to an older prize fighter who knows to punch less and duck more.”

But what about these older fans? They’re a feisty lot demanding that anyone who doesn’t think that the duo is the best thing since slice bread should be “hated” and “unfriended” by everyone on Facebook and all social media.

All in all it would be nice if some of the fans maintain their dignity and realize that Daryl Hall and John Oates just might not be paying as much attention to them as they think.

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