“Date Night” is an extremely funny movie with some sweet thoughts on marriage.

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I’m not usually one for comedies that involve one silly mishap after another, but “Date Night” makes a few serious points while also being laugh-out-loud funny.

The plots follows the adventures of a New Jersey couple who, while trying to get out of their married rut with a night out in Manhattan, instead get caught up in a dangerous case of mistaken identity. Complete with car chases, cops-turned-thugs, snooty restaurant hosts, strippers, political corruption and a half-naked Mark Wahlberg, there’s a lot crammed into this 88-minute movie.

I salute the writers for also making room for a love story, about two people — the very talented Tina Fey and Steve Carell —  who fear that they’ve just become “good roommates” – ones who are comfortable being their imperfect, non sexy, vulnerable, overworked selves – and discover that trust, shared values and good humor have given their marriage a stronger foundation than they realized.



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