Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters Announce They Will Take A Break

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Dave Grohl and his band, The Foo Fighters, have just announced they will be taking a break from touring and recording for “a while.” Grohl, the band’s lead singer and former member of Nirvana, made the announcement earlier today.

While the Foos, one of the hardest working rock bands in the business over the past two decades, certainly deserve a break, the unspecific nature of Grohl’s announcement may perhaps alarm some of their fans. Dave attempted to put the fans’ doubts that the band may be breaking up for good to rest by calling the band “my life,” and also saying, “It’s a good thing for all of us to go away for a while.”

Earlier this year, the Foo Fighters won a whopping five Grammy awards for their latest album Wasting Light, totaling an equally impressive eleven Grammys overall during the band’s nearly twenty-year career. The balls out performance mentality of Dave Grohl undoubtedly played a role in the decision to take a break, in addition to the fact that the group’s members are starting to get up there in the years and raising families. Grohl himself is forty-three years old (as hard as that is to believe) and has two daughters. It cannot be easy to shriek and play guitar like that night after night on the road and touring, and then come home to the consoling comforts of home.

That being said, it certainly would not make much sense for the group to call it quits while they are on top of their game, as they clearly are at present. And besides, as Grohl would readily admit, rocks needs them!

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