Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters Slams Glee and Ryan Murphy

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The Foo Fighters are the latest band to come out and say they don’t want their music used on Fox’s hit show Glee. In fact, lead singer Dave Grohl was quite vocal about the matter in a recent interview, saying, “It’s every band’s right, you shouldn’t have to do (expletive) Glee.” Well, that makes his position clear, now doesn’t it? 

The Foo Fighters join Kings of Leon and Slash as rockers who don’t want the kids from McKinley High to sing their songs. Grohl tells The Hollywood Reporter (in an expletive-filled interview) that Glee creator Ryan Murphy shouldn’t go off on everyone who says ‘no’ to his offers, citing decisions made by Kings of Leon and Slash not to jump on the Glee bandwagon – and Murphy’s subsequent very public reaction (calling Slash “a washed up ol’ rock star,” for instance). While there’s no doubt that Ryan Murphy is passionate about his hit show, perhaps he should take a step back. Just because a band doesn’t want its tunes belted out by New Directions (or the Dalton Academy Warblers for that matter), doesn’t mean it’s a personal attack on Murphy. Despite the show’s popularity, not everyone is a “Gleek.”

File:Dave Grohl in London.jpgGrohl says he’s watched part of a Glee episode and while it isn’t his “thing,” he’s more upset with Ryan Murphy and what he sees as the pressure Murphy puts on bands who don’t want to license their music for use on the show. Grohl doesn’t like the backlash and the pubic war of words that’s followed similar decisions made by Kings of Leon and Slash. Understandable.

It’s doubtful Ryan Murphy’s losing much sleep over all of this – after all, there are plenty of artists stepping up and joining the Glee club. The Foo Fighters are a great band with some amazing songs, but if Grohl doesn’t want the band’s songs given the Glee treatment, so be it – no harm, no foul.

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