Dave Stewart Visits “Live From Daryl’s House”

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For the 41st webisode of his award winning Internet show Daryl Hall welcomed Dave Stewart to Live From DarylÂ’s House. Dave was not only a member of the Eurythmics with Annie Lenox but heÂ’s also an award winning record producer.

Hall and Stewart are long time friends and met many years ago. In fact, Dave co-produced Daryl’s 1986 solo album “Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine.” His career spans more than 30 years and has sold over 100 million albums. He and Lennox have a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The webisode aired last night on April 15 but was filmed on April 1 at Hall’s upstate New York home. Snow and cold weather welcomed Dave as he arrived but things heated up quickly when the two started singing some of their hits. The songs included “Magic In The Blues,” “The Gypsy Girl And Me,” “Heart Of Stone,” and “Dreamtime.” The best and most beautiful performance of the evening was “Here Comes The Rain Again.” Daryl played the piano and sang the song while Dave showed off his very talented guitar techniques.

When guests are invited to HallÂ’s home food is always involved and this webisode was no different. MasterChef finalist Jake Gandolofo from his catering company Custom Culinary Concepts joined the festivities by cooking for everyone.

During the dinner segment Daryl and Dave told a story about how the two of them ate some wild mushrooms in their younger, crazier days and what those mushrooms did to them. The late, great bassist Tom (T-Bone) Wolk, who died in 2010 at the age of 58 from a heart attack, was the only one around who was able to control the mushroom situation. Hall and Stewart laughed as they remembered that day from many years ago.

When speaking about his appearance at Live From Daryl’s House, Dave Stewart said that it’s “better than being a guest on any other music show on the planet….Daryl Hall has created a flawless TV show that organically combines great songwriting and performance, capturing on film the excitement and camaraderie that exists amongst artists who love music as opposed to the ever present shallow and competitive world of crass talent shows.”

Dave adds, “When you watch Live From Daryl’s House, you feel as if you are there having fun with them. Fortunately, I was there and it’s just as much fun as you think it is, plus I got to eat and drink there afterwards and get carried out by Daryl Himself!”

Dave Stewart has a new album coming out on June 28, “The Blackbird Diaries.”

If you have some time take a look at this free web show and join Dave and Daryl for some good music, good food, and good stories.

Here’s a video of Dave and Daryl singing “Here Comes The Rain Again” from the episode.

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