David and Victoria Beckham: Sexually Irresponsible for Having 4 Children?

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No matter what some celebrities do, there will always be an issue with someone somewhere. How about in the name of science? David and Victoria Beckham are examples made of a married couple having more children than they should, according to a science kit created by a poet used in certain Michigan schools. The name of the kit is “A Hot Planet Needs Cool Kids,” a study that is targeted to liberal parents with far left agendas.

Mlive reports that specific parts of the British press and political classes of view accused David Beckham and his wife, Victoria, of committing a “sexual sin” by having a fourth child. The argument is they play a role in putting useless consumers of resources on the planet.

If the Beckhams can afford four children, are excellent parents, and are doing what God wanted Adam and Eve to do by “multiply and be fruitful,” they are not guilty of any sin, let alone one studied from a kit not officially scientific.

What the liberals may find more eye-opening is people who have a lot of children who can’t provide for their brood and end up living off government programs paid for by taxpayers.

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