David and Victoria Beckham–What’s Behind New Baby’s Name?

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David and Victoria Beckham have a precious new baby girl. They’ve named her Harper Seven Beckham, and now people are wondering what–if anything–is behind the rather unique name.

According to People Magazine, there is some meaning behind the name the Beckham’s chose for their new little girl. And it’s not nearly as outlandish as one might expect.

It seems that the baby’s very lovely first name–Harper–is simply an old English name that Victoria has always thought was very pretty. It’s the ‘Seven’ part of the baby’s name that really has people wondering, however.

Aside from the fact that the number seven is said to be a ‘very lucky and spiritual number,’ there is even more meaning behind its choice as a middle name for little Harper. David and Victoria Beckham explained that not only was David’s jersey number adorned with ‘7’ for both the Manchester United and the English national team, but there is a real significance with regard to Harper’s actual birth as well.

Harper Seven Beckham was born weighing 7 pounds (plus an additional 10 ounces, too!) in the seventh hour, in the seventh month, and even on the seventh day of the week. Now how’s that for coincidence?

David and Victoria Beckham are both ecstatic over the birth of their new baby girl, and are undoubtedly thrilled to finally have a girl to add to their house full of boys. Hopefully she will grow up strong and sure of herself–and even show her brothers that girls can be phenomenal soccer players, too–or pop singers, or fashion designers.

Congratulations to David and Victoria Beckham on the birth of Harper Seven Beckham, and on the very meaningful choice of a wonderful name.

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