David Arquette Gives Up on his Marriage to Courtney Cox

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David Arquette has been separated from his wife, Courtney Cox, for over a year because of his problems with alcohol and personal issues. Courtney decided to separate to protect their daughter, Coco. However, David may have changed his ways after going through Dancing with the Stars; he admitted publicly that being a contestant on the show have made huge changes in his life.

His estranged wife Cox has been in the audience every time David danced and cheered him on. Last week when he was eliminated from the show, Cox has tears in her eyes. She seemed so proud of him.

But now David Arquette is going public with an announcement. Despite being supported by Cox, he is not willing to reconcile with Cox. In fact, he feels the relationship is over. He admits that he has fallen in love with another woman during an interview with Howard Stern—Entertainment Tonight reporter Christina McLarty. He did say that he had told Cox prior to going public with it, and she was, of course, heartbroken. David explained that Courtney had asked him to move back in, dump the girl, and be a family with Coco. David had said “no.”

This news is a shame for those who have followed the couple. They have had a rocky marriage due to David Arquette’s drinking problems and Cox’s desire to protect their daughter from all the drama. Now that Cox sees the hope, David has fallen in love with another woman.

Do you see David Arquette and Courtney Cox getting back together in the future?

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