David Arquette’s Wild Weekend in Miami: The “Scream” Star Tweets Photos Of His Partying Without Courteney Cox

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David Arquette spent the weekend getting wild in Miami. Apparently, the newly single actor decided to celebrate his newfound freedom from Courteney Cox by partying like a frat boy on Spring Break. While getting wild in Miami, Arquette posed with bikini-clad beauties, got David Arquette Spends a wild weekend in miami without Courteney Coxtattooed, and participated in gay dance parties. 

On Sunday, the strangely cheerful actor tweeted, “I know people think I’ve flipped my lid but I haven’t.I’m cool.Listen to Bob Marley’s “Soul Rebel”you’ll know where I’m comin from. . .” 

According to People, Arquette and Cox announced their surprise separation last month. Since the couple seemed to be doing extremely well, especially for Hollywood, the separation came as a surprise to many. Since the announcement, however, David Arquette has been acting consistently strange. As for his partying, friends claim that the “Scream” star uses partying as a coping mechanism.

According to Huffington Post, the source tells People, “David’s hurt. . .” The source continues, “He was dumped by his wife of 11 years. His answer to that is to go out and party and try to forget about everything and have fun.”

Unfortunately, David Arquette’s so-called coping mechanism is coming across as more childish and stupid rather anything else. He should really be lucky that Courteney Cox ever gave him the time of day, never mind, married him. Hopefully, somebody will get the guy’s head on straight, and he can start handling his pain with a little more decorum than he is currently showing. He is a talented actor, and seems like a decent guy, but his current behavior isn’t going to win him any friends.

Do you think that David Arquette and Courteney Cox will get divorced? 

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