David Beckham: Daughter Harper Seven ‘Tomboy’ Material

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David Beckham knows a thing or two about bringing up boys. The question is whether David is going to turn his daughter, Harper Seven, into one, too. At the moment, David expects Harper to become a tomboy of sorts.

Look, with a fashion designer mom, Harper Seven surely has plenty of purple and pink around her, right? The problem is Harper’s three older brothers who reportedly love sports. David Beckham has a feeling that his daughter will be quick to pick up her brothers’ games:

I am sure the boys will get her to join in boy stuff. They love soccer so I am sure they will be sticking her in-goal and trying to score past her. But the amount of amazing dresses she has got in her wardrobe I am sure she will still be girly.

So, will Harper have a fighting chance either in-goal (as David Beckham expects) or of becoming a girly girl? Hopefully, Victoria can work her feminine charm and help keep Harper from becoming the tomboy that daddy David is expecting.

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