David Beckham Involved in Minor Highway Accident

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David Beckham may be a master of the soccer field, but the same didn’t go for his control behind the wheel Friday, when the L.A. Galaxy soccer star was involved in a minor collision on the 405.

According to the California Highway Patrol, David Beckham was traveling South on the freeway in Torrence, California, when he rear-ended a stalled vehicle.

According to the CHP officer that spoke to the press, “Mr. Beckham’s black Cadillac SUV collided with the rear of a gold Mitsubishi in the carpool lane.”


David Beckham AC Milan

While Beckham himself was not hurt (nor was his svelte athletic body, thankfully!), the driver that was in the stalled vehicle complained of neck pain, and was taken to the hospital.

Not to be suggestive, but if David Beckham was behind the wheel of the car that hit you, would you potentially see dollar signs? Everyone knows that the soccer God isn’t wanting for much of anything, so it could be tempting for an individual to try to take advantage of that.

What do you think?

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