David Beckham to Launch Underwear Line: Remember When Becks Was A Soccer Player?

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This weekend, David Beckham roped two beautiful crosses into the box as part of the L.A. Galaxy’s playoff victory over Seattle. Today, a David Beckham underwear line is in the works.


Is he a soccer player or a male model? He plays the role of soccer star fairly well, as evidenced by Sunday’s performance in which he essentially dominated Seattle through the midfield and spearheaded the Galaxy victory.

But more and more it appears he’d rather spend his time primping and pruning. He is certainly not the first male athlete to crossover into the world of model stardom, simply one of the first who seems content to steal a soccer team’s money while focusing 95 percent of his attention on boxers or briefs.

To wit, this piece of advertising gold, courtesy of AZCentral.com, touting the reasoning behind his new line.

“David is 35 and knows he won’t be playing soccer forever. But he’s an icon for men all over the world and he wears pants like no one can – so it makes sense for him to launch his own,” a source said.

He wears pants like no one can? Can he also leap tall buildings in a single bound?

Please. If Beckham wants to make billions selling tighty-whities, more power to him. But he shouldn’t continue the ruse that he cares about the MLS or his teammates, because he’s clearly only showing up mentally on game days.

Can he still “bend it” with the best of them? Sure can. His performance Sunday was evidence he still has the skills to help a soccer team.

But imagine if he still had the desire to actually lead one.

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