David Beckham’s H&M Underwear Line Commercial: Sexy or Disappointing?

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Fans around the world have tuned in to Super Bowl 46 tonight, though perhaps for some, the draw was David Beckham, whose now infamous underwear commercial aired in one of the many exorbitantly priced slots during the game. In fact, considering how little excitement is happening on the field thus far, it could be an accurate statement for some viewers that for them, Beckham in his undies has been the most exciting part of the evening!

That being said, what do you think of the H&M commercial? Don’t misunderstand—Becks is sexy in nearly any context, so him in his underwear leaves little room for complaint. But do you think that the David Beckham underwear ads are as sexy as they could be? Or do you think, potentially because of the fact that he is a tried and true family man these days, that they’re a bit toned down?

David Beckham

As for David Beckham himself, there’s surely little room for complaint about his figure, but what do you think of all his tattoos? Sexy, or off-putting?

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