David Boreanaz Talks ‘Bones’ Season 8, Booth and Brennan, and Directing at Comic-Con

Bones was present at Comic-Con this weekend, and before a panel with some laughs, Gather.com caught up with David Boreanaz in the press room about what’s coming up in season 8.

Season 8 Spoilers from Comic-Con

David Boreanaz in the 2012 SDCC Bones press room. ©Meredith JacobsIn the video below, Boreanaz talks a bit about the season 7 finale, previews what to expect in the season 8 premiere and over the season for Booth and Brennan, talks about which of Booth’s family members he’d like to see around, teases an episode that was going to be done, and talks about directing.

According to Boreanaz, Booth was “so focused on just trying to make things right, he let that whole thing slip away [instead of] seeing what was actually happening between [Brennan] and Max” in the season 7 finale, “The Past in the Present.” His frustration will come out and “those emotions will affect their relationship as well as make it stronger.” While Brennan had no choice but to run, she did take Christine and leave Booth behind.

Everyone’s looking forward to the Booth and Brennan reunion, and though there was some concern over how they’d be together after waiting for so many seasons, it turned out so well that people are eager to see them back together as soon as possible. Why do they work so well together? Boreanaz says, “Emily [Deschanel] and I…we know where we’re both coming from,” with some praise for their acting coach. He adds, “We have a sense of each other’s characters so well…Emily and I are always there for each other. We balance it out by being very open and honest with each other.”

Boreanaz teases about Bones season 8, “I think he’ll be really interrogated by the bureau. At the end of [season 7], he was dealing with this other fellow FBI guy. We’ll see him back. Reed [Diamond will] come back in the first episode. …I think Reed will be very interrogating and trying to find out what really went down.”

The show has explored some of Booth’s family, and Boreanaz has “always wanted to see Booth’s mom.” Could that be in the cards in the future? They’re not looking at season 8 as the show’s last, so even if it doesn’t happen this season, it could in the future. Speaking of future episodes, there is one episode that almost happened, as Boreanaz teases, “There was an episode that we were going to do where we were gonna see Booth and Brennan as elderly people. I went and got the prosthetics done …I still want to revisit that one.” Now that would be a fun one.

David Boreanaz has directed five episodes so far, and he admits that while he enjoys it and “it’s definitely a road I like to travel…it can be very exhausting.” He has done a very good job in the past, and seeing what he’ll do in the future is something to look forward to.

What do you think of the latest about Bones season 8?

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